The Ultimate Guide for Your Essential Hire

The toughest question in the entire healthcare conversation starts with the person behind the benefits – your broker.

Can you measurably assess if you have the best advisor to execute your strategy?

If the answer is no, you’re among many leading organizations at the same crossroad. Less than 10% of employers follow the five steps outlined in The Ultimate Guide, yet 90% of companies use similar steps in their hiring practice for talent acquisition.

When you apply the same thorough and thoughtful process to hiring a benefits broker, you’re selecting an expert who (like the right employee candidate) will align with your organization’s needs, goals, values, and expectations; ultimately contributing to the company’s success and long-term growth.

The Ultimate Guide will help HR leaders and C-Suites:

  • Differentiate the role and resources of a benefits broker, consultant and advisor to find the right professional for your organization
  • Strategize the timeline and process to shop for a new benefits broker
  • Refine the RFP process to improve the quality of responses and candidates
  • Leverage the five key steps to make an optimal broker selection

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